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6000 16000 30000 50000
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Stock Futures
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you can deposit cheque in our bank accounts, please don't deposit cash in our bank accounts.

Your cheque will be cleared in one working day.

After cheque deposit, please sms your payment details to 09703890112

Otherwise you can mail your payment details to

name, cheque number, amount, required package name, cheque deposited bank name

for example sms like this: Srinivas, 510840, Rs.6,000, Stock Tips, Icici bank

Subscription payments once made will not be refunded by any reason

Our bank account details

Saving Bank Account Name: Y.V.RADHIKA
Account Number: 037001505701
Nallakunta Branch
Branch Code: ICIC0000370

Enter your mobile number:
Enter your mobile number and click to get our ICICI Bank account details by SMS
Mobile number should be 10 DIGITS ONLY Without starting zero or 91. For example 9666644888
If you deposited cheque in our bank account, please provide cheque payment details
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